Our expert team of consultants deliver high customer value!

Selas Technologies has been providing consulting services nationwide to a variety of industries and companies since 2011, developing and deploying next generation business experiences by using the latest Salesforce Technologies. Headquartered in South Florida, our expert team of consultants deliver high customer value with over 35 years of combined technology and executive business know-how. 

A foundation to your business

Your competitive advantage as a company is built on the products or services you offer, coupled with top talent that will help you drive a leading position within your perspective industry. A foundation to your business is driven on the technology tools that help automate, capture critical data, process and retain more customers drive your business revenues. At SelasTech we work with companies across the United States who put technology as a priority to support corporate objectives.

Selastech is a Salesforce Implementation, Consulting, and AppExchange Partner and is passionate about helping our clients develop and deploy best in class technology. We believe in bringing together innovation, well designed blueprints, supported by the right business strategies and top talent for development, deployment and world class adoption for the best end user experience.

Our Values

Our values enable us to help our customers stay ahead of the technology curve today and for years to come! We take the headaches out of the technology puzzle allowing our customers to stay focused on driving their business as a leader resulting in increased profits. We do all of this by leveraging the experts on our team and using our strategic partnerships to meet your business needs.

Why Selas

  • Accountability

  • High Standard of Excellence

  • Salesforce consultants since 2011

  • Strategic Technology Partnerships

  • Minority Owned Company

  • Adaptability

  • Local Leaders

  • Customer Centric

Selas Supports

  • Force.com

  • App Cloud

  • Community Cloud

  • Chatter

  • Pardot

  • Marketing Cloud

  • Service Cloud

  • Data.com

  • Sales Cloud

  • SalesforceIQ

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